La Smorfia La Smorfia was founded in 2014 in via Goethe, Merano.

The idea was to bring Mediterranean cuisine to South Tyrol and from there, that work became a way of life.
It began with a careful study of the ingredients and their quality, until evolution became the real key concept of our pizza.


La Smorfia Delivery & Take Away was founded tree years later in Via Petrarca, Merano.
This investment was due to the exponential growth of our business.
The opening of the Delivery & Take Away allowed us to speed up the service and meet the needs of our customers.


The year of the pandemic: an unpredictable situation. But we are superstitious and decided to invest in a bigger venue and finally raise the level of La Smorfia. This investment brought about the era of L’evoluzione – the Evolution, one of our principles. This change brought new ideas in terms of selecting ingredients and revisiting desserts; it also brought new ideas for our cuisine, which has remained faithful to the Mediterranean dishes our chefs work on every day. We are convinced that the genuine passion we put into our work will always reward us.